Britt’s Semi-Permanent Review 2013


Semi Permanent Sydney 2013

Being newly arrived in Darwin, imagine my excitement when after only 2 1/2 months I was told the office would be going a little excursion to Semi-Permanent, Sydney. Yessss, moved up here just in time! I’ve been to Semi-Permanent, Melbourne twice and loved it, so I couldn’t wait to see what Sydney’s conference would bring.

With just days to go, we realised another convention was taking place in Melbourne just before Semi-Permanent. Couple of calls to Qantas and a redirected flight later, and Brett and I were off to Melbourne for the Olympics of printing, the quadrennially held PacPrint Expo 2013. Imagine a giant warehouse full the latest and greatest in new printing technology and applications. Brett and I walked away (more like limped away, after spending hours walking up and down the aisles of stallholders) with bags full of samples and business cards and brains full of new ideas and ways to bring the best that the printing world has to offer, back to Darwin. We even had time to squeeze in a quick trip to our specialist printer who gave us a tour of their facilities, reaffirmed just how knowledgeable and detail oriented they are, and gave us lots of pretty, shiny, foil covered, embossed, letterpressed, spot coloured, and beautifully printed samples to take home (oooh la la!).


So much fun, see?!


Gorgeous weather

Then we were off to Sydney, where we met up with Barker and Frier (also known as Adam and Mike) for the second leg of our journey, Semi- Permanent. Presenters ranged from graphic designers to digital gurus, illustrators to architects, photographers to fashion stylists, and art directors to mural artists. While the entire two days was inspiring, there were a few keys speakers that really wowed me. Creative trio, The Hours – including mural artist Beastman, artist Numskull, and artist and gallery curator Marty Routledge – were amazing. While great artists in their own right, when they come together some pretty awesome stuff happens.

Melbourne architecture team, March Studio, showed us their incredible process of creating the suite of worldwide Aesop store interiors as well as a few other projects including a hotel lobby covered in wooden planks (one of my favourite materials to work with)!

But the highlight had to be German illustrator, by way of London, Sandra Dieckman. She took us through the journey of her incredibly detailed drawings and the story behind each piece. She also dropped some unexpected, knock-out one-liners that had us laughing for minutes!

Bring on Semi-Permanent 2014!


Good night.

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