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Client: Berrimah Post News & Tatts

As part of their expansion, Berrimah Post News & Tatts (BPNT) approached Boab to help reposition their business as a ‘one-stop-shop’ brand of convenience for local individuals and businesses.
Kicking-off the rebrand project with a brand audit and naming phase, ‘Fetch’ was established as the new name, which aimed to convey the key brand attributes – easy, trusted and efficient. The new logo design brought even more meaning into play through the subtle highlight of the letters ‘etc.’ which cleverly emphasis their vast product and service offer.
logo before and after

With Fetch established as the parent brand, we were tasked with ensuring the four main contractor brands which sit within the Fetch retail environment (Australia Post, TattsLotto, Nextra and Office Choice) were clearly communicated as their own brand whilst complimenting Fetch.

With this in mind, a clean and bold identity was developed for Fetch, utilising a simple palette of colours and graphics that feel both dynamic and approachable in tone. All assets work well together to form a flexible visual identity that allows Fetch to further expand their business in the future.

icons gif
fetch business cards
magazine advertisement
delivery van
facebook post

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