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Client: Halikos Group

Halikos are mainly known as one of the Territory’s largest construction firms, but their group of companies also spans to retail, real estate agency, hotels and hospitality.

Boab was first engaged to commission market research to uncover perceptions and awareness of the company, including their hotel and hospitality operations. Equipped with the research findings, Boab were able to begin work on a brand architecture, the first stage of a brand strategy to bring clarity and differentiation to the group’s many products and services.

Halikos logo design
Halikos logo design
Halikos Developments
Halikos Roofing logo
With the brand strategy in place to guide the project, Boab continued by rebranding the core Halikos construction business with a new visual identity and suite of logos. This stage of work brought Halikos Developments, Construction and Roofing together under one umbrella as sub-brands of the parent group.
Pattern Design
As well as a custom-designed logotype, the building blocks of the identity are a modular series of patterns, different for each sub-brand but able to be brought together at the group level. This design system allows for almost limitless configurations, allowing the identity to remain fresh and dynamic.
Halikos Group Branding
Publication Design
Halikos report cover
Halikos report cover
A comprehensive style guide was provided as part of the project for use by Halikos staff. This step-by-step guide enables them to create their own branded collateral in-house, with minimal design know-how.
Window decal
Halikos Group Branding

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