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Client: Study NT

International education is becoming an increasingly important part of the Territory economy with international student numbers in the NT rising from 471 in 2006 to 2,300 in 2016, contributing over $81m to the NT economy.

Boab was engaged by Study NT to develop a promotional film to spotlight Darwin as the ideal destination for international students from Asia. Boab developed a concept based on the idea of ‘Freedom to…’ tapping into the sense of space and untapped potential here in the Top End, where international students can become truly rounded individuals.



A key consideration for this film was that it would be translated into 9 languages (Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Nepali, Tetum and Vietnamese) so it had be highly visual to cut across this broad range of languages and cultures. We were also limited by the fact that there was no scope to film any content, so we had to rely on sourcing imagery and footage from a variety of sources.

Study NT

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