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Client: Scouts NT

MotoScouts is a Territory based, federally funded initiative to engage disengaged youths through motor sports. The program is being run by Scouts NT, in association with Motor Trade Association (MTA). Boab was enaged to design a logo and visual identity for the program that would engage this disaffected demographic and provide them with a sense of identity with the program.

master reverse logo black
reverse black logo
Building a future A key requirement of the brief was that the logo should be a graphical representation of a car, as the physical process of building the racing car is what empowers the program participants. Our creative challenge was that the program will build five different types of car, so the car graphic could not be too literal. Our solution was to develop a logo based on the anatomy of the car; that explicitly demonstrates the building of the car, and implicitly represents the idea of bringing the participants together.
Implementation The logo will be used across an extensive range of applications - from the racing cars to uniforms; social media to reports. The visual identity needed to be designed to provide flexibility, while retaining the consistency of the visual branding. A suite of logos were developed to account for the varying levels of detail and colour that could be achieved in each application, which is complemented with a Style Guide.
Motion graphics An animated logo was also developed as an opening introduction to each of their various YouTube videos featuring the building of the cars.
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