TIO Campaign

TIO Campaign

  • Advertising Campaign,

  • Art Direction,

  • Brand Positioning,

  • Production,

  • Project Management

Client: Territory Insurance Office

Building on the brand positioning work that we undertook with TIO, we were engaged to create a new advertising campaign for their Motor and Home insurance.

We created a campaign concept for a series of four adverts that spoke to the heart of the TIO brand. Our team wrote the scripts, provided art direction and project management throughout the pre-production, production and post production.

Boab created a Territory family to be the focus of the campaign - Bob and Lisa, and their young children Danny and Maddy. In the first advert 'Date Night' we meet Lisa's brother Steve - who is over to borrow their car...again! We are also introduced to our Narrator who was created to provide a creative execution that would enable TIO to provide product information, without disrupting the natural interaction of the family.
The idea of the Territory family provides a way in which the concept can be expanded across other TIO insurance offerings, through the introduction of other family and friends. In the second advert 'Trip to Alice' we meet Norman and Carol - Bob's parents who are visiting from interstate.
The third TVC in the series introduces us to Bob and Lisa's new neighbour - Amelia. Amelia has just moved up to the Territory and has had her windscreen smashed by a falling coconut, which isn't covered by her interstate insurance company. Thankfully Bob can find a good use for the coconuts - his famous Jingili coconut curry!
The last in the series of four adverts has Bob home alone with the kids, with a storm approaching. Under strict instructions to put the garden furniture away, to protect it from the storm, Bob takes the opportunity to make the world's best cubby house!

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