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Cyclone Preparedness Campaign

  • Concept Development,

  • Educational Campaign,

  • Production,

  • Visual Identity

Client: TIO

Over the past three years TIO had found that traditional methods of communicating cyclone preparedness weren’t as effective as they once were. The majority of people living in the Darwin region have become complacent to the dangers of cyclones and other severe weather events.

Boab was engaged to reinvigorate the cyclone preparedness campaign material, with the primary objective being to ensure Top End residents were prepared for cyclones and severe weather events.


At the heart of preparing the Territory for cyclones is the TIO Cyclone Guide. This is a comprehensive information source that covers planning, preparing and responding to a cyclone. Our campaign strategy is based on having information at the heart of all communications, while providing the information to the public (via social media) in bite-sized pieces, accompanied by engaging animations.

Icon Designs
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Boab developed a suite of new icons and refreshed the three warning status logos and colours. All of these have been designed to be simple, quick reminders for Territorians that can be used across multiple platforms.

Cyclone Watch
Cyclone Watch Icon
Cyclone Alert
Cyclone Alert Icon

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