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Senior Designer Boab Design

10. May '17 - 10 min. read


Do you like watching stars? 

A good brand is build like a galaxy. Numerous elements hold together by a very powerful and necessary force: Gravity. So what asset has such power to be your brands gravitation point? What keeps you going and in place? 

— It's your purpose. It defines your brand and form of existence.

To identify all the different elements of your 'brand galaxy' you need to have a closer look at your surroundings and circumstances. By understanding the context and your audience, you get a fair idea of how big your galaxy should be.

Your interaction with your targeted audience is seen as your visible shiny stars, while the invisible dark matter pictures your internal communication and processes. Even if your stars attract more attention, your dark matter is equally important. All your actions are part of your brand.

Don't let people go through a meteor shower of useless information and hope they will still like you afterwards. Make your interactions valuable for everyone involved and you create a positive outcome and user experience.

A lot of businesses see a positive outcome as 'profit'. Profit keeps everything going, drives efficiency, attracts capital, motivates, and gives you the allowance to exist.

But have you considered that profit and purpose are beneficial and interact with each other. Your purpose creates the commitment that delivers profit. It attracts consumers, talent, drives innovation, conserves resources, and it feeds into your permission to exist. All of this has a positive impact on your brand too.

Imagine your profit defines the size of your galaxy, therefore its rotational speed as well. If you keep the loop of profit and purpose going your galaxy is very stable, can hold many stars and planets and it rotates with a steady speed. So maybe look at your own brand galaxy from a new perspective and enjoy creating your own map of stars.


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