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29. June '17 - 10 min. read


International Day of the Tropics

Today is the inaugural United Nation’s 'International Day of the Tropics’. The 29 June was chosen, as this is the anniversary of the launch of the inaugural State of the Tropics 2014 report. By 2050 over half of the world’s population, and two-thirds of the world’s children will live in the tropics, and Northern Australia is the “developed” country with the largest tropical landmass.

The Tropical Economy

Here in the Top End we often don't define ourselves as part of the tropics, we compare ourselves to the southern states and find ourselves lacking. It is our tropical expertise, knowledge and skills that provide us with many opportunities for the future. Our shared challenges of climate and landscape have made Northern Australia a leader in tropical research, infrastructure development, remote and regional service delivery, which provide solutions to the challenges in the tropics. If you reframed the idea of what you do in the context of the tropical economy what new opportunities does this create?


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