• Tiwi Islands Campaign
  • Tiwi Islands Campaign
  • Tiwi Islands Campaign
  • Tiwi Islands Campaign

Tiwi Islands Campaign

An intensive Tobacco Free initiative to increase ‘smoke-free’ awareness on the Tiwi Islands led to the Heart Foundation approaching us to produce a suite of resources for a focused media campaign specifically for the Tiwi audience.

The first stage of this project was spent gathering stories and capturing images across the Tiwi’s, before heading back into the studio to develop powerful creative which drove a strong message using the quotes and images captured.

In the second stage we rolled out a suite of posters, stickers and radio commercials which were lead by the powerful community leaders – the Tiwi Bombers. Branded specifically to the Tiwi Islands the resources depicted ‘real life’ stories and photos of the Bombers and other respected community members – all of which represented a cross section of the community in a positive and engaging light.

Radio commercial 1:

Radio commercial 2:

Radio commercial 3:

This project was developed in collaboration with Misen Media and Glenn Campbell Photography which we thank immensely for their contribution to make this such a successful campaign.

Skills: Brand Design, Campaigns

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