music NT TVC

MusicNT approached us to create a 30 second Television Commercial for Original Recipe. Original Recipe supports all thing’s music, ranging from local musicians, venues and events. With the understanding of how important Original Recipe is to the local music scene, we jumped at the chance to work on such a unique project.

The main focus for the TVC was to relate to a younger audience and urge them to get involved. The initial look and feel was derived from the Original Recipe Logo and it’s complementary colour palette. Combining these elements with black and white photos/footage created a great contrast. This along with quick transitions, an edgy music track (supplied by a local musician) and the elements always in motion, created a very energetic feel.

We were involved in all aspects of the development of the concept: storyboarding, animation, audio recording and editing and the supply of the final product.

Date: June 2013 Client: musicNT Skills: Campaigns

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